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  1. Sports area

  2. Bridges and structures

  3. Housing estates

  4. Roads

  5. Barcelona

    Street paving

  6. Girona

    Landscaping and civil-engineering works in central Ter in Girona. Client: Girona Town Council

  7. Cruïlles

    Footbridge over the Daró river in Cruïlles. Client: Cruïlles Town Council

  8. Torroella de Montgrí

    C-31. Bridges, structures, pathways for pedestrians and cyclists over the Ter river. Section: Torroella de Montgrí. Client: Gestió d’Infraestructures S.A.

  9. Tordera

    Artificial turf football field.

  10. Banyoles

    Athletics track integrated into a natural area.