AGUSTÍ Y MASOLIVER, S.A. (AMSA) is a construction company dedicated ever since it started to all types of public and private construction work, acknowledged for its quality in the sector.
It has evolved into a modern company that has upheld, from the very beginning to date, its commitments with a high level of professionalism. Operating in the whole of Spain, it has begun a process of internationalisation in Peru.

Respect for the environment

The environment is a key concern of AGUSTÍ Y MASOLIVER, S.A. For this reason, the company invests significant technical, economic and human resources to promote continual improvement and prevention of pollution, avoiding, reducing or controlling the main environmental impact of its activities.

Quality standards

Quality has always been a priority. The activities, commitments and ideas of AMSA are focused on customer satisfaction, therefore all personnel participate and are involved in this issue.

Safety and hazard prevention

The policies of AGUSTÍ Y MASOLIVER, S.A., regarding risk prevention have achieved highly satisfactory results in accident rates and are another proof of the company’s constant interest in continuing to be one of the leading companies in attention to safety.


Agustí y Masoliver, S.A., is associated and collaborates with different groups within the construction sector.