Professionalism and good work practices have defined the history of AGUSTÍ Y MASOLIVER, S.A. (AMSA), always characterised by its eagerness to excel and adapt to the changing situations experienced during a history of more than 110 years activity in the construction sector.

Our high level of knowledge as a public works contractor make us aware of the need to have modern installations and machinery. The company has earned a good reputation in the public works construction sector, made possible thanks to the workforce, who are given the necessary training; to the quality of our products, which are subject to a strict quality control in the manufacture of the bituminous mix and the extraction of aggregate.

The company’s internationalisation has begun in Peru, where important projects are being carried out.

Committed to social responsibility, the company sponsors the Estany Foundation for integration of handicapped people and collaborates with the Nature School of Banyoles and a multitude of cultural events. It is also a pioneer in drawing up plans for equality, integration and compatibility.